Claremorris is a small kennel in Grinzing, north of Vienna.  I have three bitches and one dog who all live with me in my flat.  I never breed more than two or three litters a year---

Quality, not Quantity!

My bitches are never left alone to whelp and the puppies grow up in my kitchen and my garden, not in a kennel.

The stud dogs I use are always carefully chosen and are often very far away—in Holland, northern Germany and even Scotland — but these dogs have qualities and characteristics which I want to bring  to Austria.

Above all else, my aim is to breed healthy dogs with good temperaments.

In order to preserve the genetic variety and vitality of this robust and longlived breed, 

I do not practice inbreeding or linebreeding.

I attach great importance to maintaining a lasting relationship with the people who buy my puppies.  Anyone who is interested in my line can e-mail me, can ring me up or visit me.

Before you buy a Parson Russell Terrier puppy, you should inform yourself thoroughly  about the characteristics and needs of this breed.

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